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‘Exploring the Experience with the Informed Consent Process for Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: A Mixed-method Approach’

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise in Australia and internationally. Social media and developments in aesthetic medicine have led to a rising popularity associated with the industry. The estimated worth of this industry in 2015 by the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia was $1 billion (AUD) (Jobson and Freckelton, 2022).

The relationship between a doctor and patient in aesthetic surgery varies from the conventional relationship due to the unique characteristics associated with these patients (Park et al, 2016). Patients within this cohort may choose to alter their appearance for personal satisfaction. Park et al (2016) note that doctors must provide the patient with proper information about their procedure as a means of respecting their right to self-determination.

Informed consent is best administered through a process of shared decision-making (Hagopian et al, 2020; Birkeland & Moulton, 2016; Ubbink, Santema & Lapid, 2016; Morselli et al, 2019). Therefore, it is important to consider both the patient and practitioner perspective on the process.

Few studies have sought to collect Australian data on this process for surgical cosmetic procedures. The proposed study has been designed to gather insight from patients in the form of a survey exploring their experience with the consent process in Australia. The survey is intended to be taken following the signed consent of the patient, but prior to their actual surgery. Patients may opt in for a qualitative research interview following their procedure through the same survey.

Finally, we are seeking medical practitioners and surgeons practicing in invasive aesthetic medicine to provide insight in the form of a semi-structured research interview.

If you are a patient or practitioner, interested in taking part in this study please complete this expression of interest form:

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]