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Problem with registering, selecting options or saving your ads?

The following should help. If not, please email us.

The Advertiser Centre (the part of that enables you to register and manage your advertisements) requires cookies, Javascript and Active Scripting which may be restricted or disabled in your PC's security and privacy setting. In these cases, the "Next" button at the bottom of the options and registration pages will not work, along with some other important functions, such as selecting options and saving your advertising.

How to enable Cookies, Javascript and Active Scripting

1. If you are using a PC with a direct connection to the internet, you can adjust your Internet browser's security and privacy settings (under the browser's tools menu - you may need to be logged in as Administrator or have Administrator level privilages) to enable the required items.

2. If your PC is on a corporate network, the above may not help as security policies are usually set by the IT Manager or Network Administrator. The administrator level browser security settings will override user level browser security settings (and this fact will not be visible to the user in the user level browser settings).

To facilitate your use of our site, ask the IT department to add to the Trusted Site list (specifically, to enable Active Scripting, javascript and cookies at both the browser's security admin and user levels).

Other browser problems

Internet browsers are not all standards compliant, especially early versions of Internet Explorer.

The Advertiser Centre has been optimised for Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 6 has many issues and security vulnerabilities (including with ActiveX which is why Active Scripting is often disabled as a matter of corporate IT security policy). If Active Scripting and Javescript are enabled, IE6 generally works well in most cases. Other browsers are not suitable.

Microsoft provides a free upgrade from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7 on its website.

Mozilla Firefox is also free. Get it here.