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Emerge Australia Inc supports, provides information and advocates for people associated with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). We were established in 1980 and since that time have been working with people impacted by ME/CFS and associated conditions.

Up to 240,000 Australians are currently estimated to be affected by ME/CFS. People with severe ME/CFS, are unable to leave their beds and can be in constant pain. There are varying degrees of severity, but around 25% of people are so profoundly affected by the condition that they don't recover. ME/CFS is a complex, multi-system, neuroimmune condition with many different symptoms. These can be related to the dysfunction of the brain, the gastro-intestinal system, the immune system as well as the endocrine and cardiac systems. With members and supporters Australia-wide, Emerge Australia works to improve the quality of life for anyone impacted by this debilitating condition.

Emerge Australia receives a small amount of funding from the Victorian state government and relies heavily upon membership contributions, donations and philanthropic support as well as the generous support of volunteers to remain operating. Emerge Australia focuses on the following areas to ensure the greatest impact with the limited resources we have available:

Peer Support

Peer support helps people with ME/CFS to link with others affected by the condition, to share resources and find ways to better cope with the condition.

Education and Information

When initially diagnosed with ME/CFS, patients have many questions that they want answered as do their carers. Education and information are key to understanding how to live and/or work with a chronic illness.

Emerge Australia has developed Fact Sheets for various situations and provides much relevant information on our website. We are also currently developing GP education resources so that health practitioners are fully informed.

An Information Line service ensures that people who are affected by ME/CFS have access to specific information and our quarterly Emerge Journal provides another avenue for news and is especially important for those people who are unable to access the internet or are housebound or bedbound.


Members are integral to our advocacy work - the more voices that unite, the more impact we have when advocating for improved recognition, research and services. At present Emerge Australia represents a broad range of people nationally who are affected by ME/CFS and associated conditions.

Address 4/40 Green St, PO Box 120
Prahran VIC 3181
Tel 03 9529 1344