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Guide Dogs Victoria is a premium provider of Orientation & Mobility Services to Victorians who are blind or have low vision. These services include Children's Mobility, Acquired Brain Injury Mobility, Orientation & Mobility, Occupational Therapy and, of course, Guide Dogs.

The primary aim of all our services is to enhance Client safety, independence and quality of life at every stage of their life's journey.

We can assist people of all ages, providing prompt and professional services right across metropolitan and regional Victoria. Our dedicated team of staff travel to every corner of the state to assist Clients in and around their home environments.

The length and breadth of our training programs are entirely dependent on our Client's needs and are not restricted or capped by Government or case mix funding.

Guide Dog Mobility
A Guide Dog offers a dynamic form of independent mobility, safely guiding their handler wherever they need to go. Guide Dog Mobility enables the Handler to walk freely and feel confident knowing their Guide Dog will not only recognise obstacles in their path but guide safely around them. Guide Dogs will also stop at kerbs and assist the handler to cross the road safely.

Adult Orientation & Mobility
Guide Dogs Victoria's Adult Orientation & Mobility Service equips people with vision loss to move safely, fluently and independently in the environments through which they wish to travel it's not just about learning long cane skills or developing road crossing techniques.

Children's Mobility Service
Guide Dogs Victoria provides a specialised service for young people with vision loss currently completing or entering into their primary, secondary or tertiary education. We believe Orientation & Mobility training should be seen as an ongoing part of a student's education to enable them to enhance their confidence, develop age appropriate skills and achieve their potential in all aspects of life.

Acquired Brain Injury Mobility
Guide Dogs Victoria offers an Acquired Brain Injury Mobility Service. This specialised service assists people who have experienced vision loss caused by conditions such as stroke, head injury, brain tumour or postoperative damage.

Occupational Therapy
Providing practical strategies for daily living activities including personal care, work, education and leisure. Our Occupational Therapy service often complements mobility training but may be provided as a standalone service if required.

Group Programs
We run a variety of fun, informative daily living and skills-focused programs tailored to our Clients' needs. These programs are aimed at increasing independence in mobility and daily living skills, with additional benefits including increasing self-esteem, broadening horizons and providing opportunities to build social networks.

For further information or to make a referral and arrange immediate assistance contact:

Referrals Officer
Guide Dogs Victoria Private Bag 13 Kew Victoria 3101

Ph: 1800 804 805 Fax: (03) 9854 4466

Guide Dogs Victoria receives minimal government funding and relies on the generosity of the public to provide all services free of charge.
Address 2-6 Chandler Highway, (Private Bag 13)
Kew VIC 3101
Tel 1800 804 805