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Perth Kidneys

Prof Johan Rosman

You are likely to be surprised to hear your GP's diagnosis of kidney disease or high blood pressure. You will be concerned, knowing that these diseases have a big impact on life expectancy and quality of life. The good news is that modern medicine makes it now possible to detect problems early - and most likely your GP is busy treating the conditions. Underlying is often diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our kidneys are responsible for cleaning our blood from waste products. If our kidneys do not function well, we can get very sick and ultimately may need to be on a dialysis machine or need a kidney transplant. High blood pressure can also severely damage our heart, brain and eyes.

Often, your GP wants a specialist opinion, as it is all about delaying the progression of kidney disease and bringing the blood pressure down. Together we can do this, but it will also require an effort from your side to maintain your health. As a kidney doctor I expect that you engage in your health. There is no magic pill to solve it all.

During our first full hour of consultation, we will talk about your medical history and explore how you got to the kidney disease stage/high blood pressure problem you are experiencing. We will work out a treatment plan together. The follow up visits are all 30 minutes and you will have plenty of time to ask questions. At every visit, you will receive a copy of the comprehensive report that goes to your GP.

If things are really urgent, I can often see you the same week.

Medicare will cover a large part of the consultation costs if you have the referral from your GP. I also see patients whom are not Australian residents, however, they can not receive the Medicare rebate.

A new feature that I offer is TeleHealth. From my computer to your computer, tablet or even smartphone, alternatively a computer at your GP's office. It saves travel time and travel costs and I bulk bill for this service, so you are not out of pocket.

If you are interested to learn more then please visit my website below.

Address 2 Queensgate Drive, Queensgate Specialits Centre (Free Plentiful Parking)
Canning Vale WA 6155

Tel 0450 012 997
Fax 08 9463 6222
Address Suite 18, 85 Monash Avenue, Hollywood Medical Centre
Nedland WA 6009

Tel 0450 012 997
Fax (08) 9463 6222