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Aged Care Gp

You really care about the elderly and want to help them have a better experience whilst they live in aged care.

You are upfront and someone who likes to get stuff done. You take responsibility for what you do but will say it as it is when things are not right. When this happens, you expect to be listened to and taken seriously. Sometimes you are so forthright that others can get upset, although this is just your passion getting the better of you rather than you intending to get annoyed.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and this candid nature is what stands out about you. You always treat your team well and itís great to be part of something thatís making a difference.

You want to collaborate with organisations and individuals to improve the quality of what you do and the care these dear residents receive. You know when to stand firm and you want to work with a team that supports you in that.

You like to feel valued and part of a team. Apart from those non-negotiable elements, you can handle some uncertainty and can adapt.

Youíve heard comments from others that itís not worthwhile working in aged care, or itís too much hassle. But you have a hunch that, given the right support and expertise, it could work for you, both professionally and personally. In fact, you might even already be doing it, but the way youíre doing it could be way better.

Away from work, you really enjoy life - whether thatís a break somewhere sunny, or a day at the races, or simply a good meal - you enjoy life and itís important you enjoy work the same.

If that sounds like you, youíre a VR GP looking for a new experience working in aged care in Melbourne, then letís have a conversation. Call us on 0439004027 or email [email protected] to talk further!!
Address 189 South Centre Road
Tullamarine VIC 3043
Tel 61 3 9338 5657