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Independence solutions for older people, the ill and people living with a disability

Independence is valued by all of us and appreciated even more when it is threatened by illness, disability or ageing.

We are fortunate to live in an era of enabling technologies our grandfathers could only dream of. Technology today offers solutions and aids for independence that can be tailored to our needs. Assistive technologies enable us to communicate, help us to maintain social connectedness and psychological well being.

Older people today can remain independent for longer than past generations by making use of the vast array of products available to assist with mobility and activities of daily living. People with disabilities frequently rely on custom-made products to meet their individual needs. People convalescing from an illness can select from a range of providers to hire equipment on a temporary basis to assist them regain independence.

The categories on this page aim to bring together information about a wide selection of providers of special products and services that aid independence and include bathroom and toilet aids, special clothes and footwear, continence management products, furniture, accessories, lifts, hoist, transfer equipment, medical and disability equipment, mobility aids and services, rails, modifications and assistive technologies.