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FreshBox Organics

Farm Fresh

Organic Fruits & vegetable

Our goal is to connect you to local, organic and ecologically grown food, easy and conveniently. Here is exactly what we’re doing to breathe some life and social responsibility back into the food industry:

  • Our fruit and veg are organic and free from synthetics.
  • We are always encouraging sustainable practices that replenish and enhance the ecology of the system.
  • Encouraging low food kilometres means less pollution, less time spent on the roads and more heart on the journey to your table.
  • Our boxes are conveniently (and sustainably) delivered, meaning more time for you to do the things that you love.
  • We believe in quality assurance - if you're not happy we will replace it in your next order. Our foods are of higher nutritional value, plus they’re really really fresh, meaning those leafy greens are picked straight from the ground the day before or morning of delivery.
  • We care about our ethics. All farming practices are humane and the animals have a good life and are free-range.
Address .
Sunshine Coast QLD 4553
Tel 0490 489 122