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Home care is a fast-growing area of health service delivery in Australia, in line with similar trends in other developed countries. The growth in home care is driven by a number of factors, including an increased recognition that it is cost-effective; demand by patients to be cared for in their familiar environments; demographic changes represented by the ageing of the population and technological advances in communication.

The use of communication technology between health service providers, health professionals and home care clients now enables the delivery of coordinated clinical care and facilitates better risk management.

Home care is no longer just for people with a disability or the frail aged. It is an increasingly used method of service delivery that ensures continuums of care for following up patients after early discharge from hospital. Some organisations also offer 'Hospital in the Home' services, removing the need for hospital admission altogether.

Home care for the aged still represent a substantial part of the home care industry. Home-based care for older people may be short or long term and can be provided on a live-in or live-out basis. It can involve home visits by health professionals or personal carers offering assistance with activities of daily living.

The categories on this page include food home delivery services, nursing and personal care providers, companies that market products that contribute to the safety and security of people receiving home care and health professionals available for home visits. Home care services specifically tailored for the aged are featured under Aged care > Services.