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Food Safety Compliance Made Easy

Food safety training online for food safety supervisors and staff - anytime anywhere.

How do you know that the food you serve your clients is safe to eat and free from any contamination?

Vulnerable people in our community such as the elderly, the sick and the very young, must be protected from poor practices in food handling that can result in food poisoning incidents.

Food safety training is a critical component for any food business to make sure that all staff know how to follow procedures that ensure the safety of food.

All aged care facilities, hospitals, hostels, and Meals on Wheels organisations, need to have an accountable process from the purchase of raw ingredients to the finished meal. They need to keep records and traceable processes which meet compliance requirements.

CFT is a leading provider of food safety training throughout Australia and specialises in food safety training for the health and community services industry sector.

Training is delivered to make sure that all the important and required issues are covered, but in an easy-to-learn manner to make it suitable for all students to understand and complete.

Training is available online anytime you wish or we can come and deliver customised training for your group.

Nationally-recognised certificates are issued to successful participants HLTFSE001, HLTFSE005 & HLTFSE007. These three units combine to qualify staff as the Food Safety Supervisor in the health and community services industry sectors and are mandatory in most states of Australia.

If you need to update your training you can do our FSS Refresher course.   

Download free food safety Fact Sheets and Posters from our website below.

Contact [email protected] or phone 1300 665 633 for more information and assistance.

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