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From life changing ophthalmic devices to revolutionary physical therapy systems, Ingeneus technology and products are found in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices around the world.

Ingeneus offers the benefit of our extensive experience in the Australian, Asian, European and US markets at every stage of a product's life cycle. Whether it is clinical trials, design and development, manufacture, logistics, accreditation, regulatory approval or post market surveillance, Ingeneus provides a complete service.

Ingeneus is a team of world class engineers and manufacturing specialists dedicated to the field of medical technology. We work to understand the unique issues presented by each client and then work closely with them to deliver proven high quality outcomes, on budget and within deadline.

We're Certified

Ingeneus is quality certified to ISO 13485 and is FDA QSR compliant. Simply put, this reduces client risk, decreases time and cost, and improves post market accountability.

Ingeneus also takes care of the medical technology industry's strict traceability requirements, saving more valuable time and money for our clients.

Our Expertise

From new products to feature enhancements, Ingeneus can design and engineer high quality systems to suit any medical technology need.

Our clients enjoy internationally recognised expertise in every area of the Ingeneus value chain. This includes electronic, mechanical, software, laser and optical design, as well as manufacturing and post market surveillance.

We are constantly tracking trends in the latest medical technology, such as the rise of remote health monitoring systems. We also ensure we stay across all industry changes, such as the European regulators' new focus on the software development cycle. Our manufacturing services include contract manufacturing for existing or new products, as well as our "Manufacture by Agreement" service whereby Ingeneus can become the legal manufacturer for our clients' products for regulatory purposes.

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