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Social impact measurement consulting

SquaredImpact is a Melbourne based outcomes measurement and organisational consulting firm.

We specialise in practical, actionable social impact measurement and outcomes software solutions for human service organisations.

SquaredImpact also provides psychologically based organisational consultation services, including specialist workplace coaching, workplace psychological health, system and framework development, complex service model and program development and organisational culture change consultation.

SquaredImpact was founded and is owned and managed by Brenda Dolieslager, a clinical psychologist with extensive practice and senior management experience across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. The firm partners with local and international consultants and our breadth and depth of outcomes measurement, outcomes systems, and social change strategy and service delivery is substantial.

As psychologists our work, from outcomes measurement frameworks and data systems to specialist staff coaching and service delivery model development, is grounded in our knowledge of human behaviour and behaviour change. This sets us apart from other consulting agencies.

As a small firm, we have the capacity to develop strong and personal connections with our customers. We are agile enough to tailor our services to your specific needs and budget, and we pride ourselves on our responsivity, personalised service and excellent post service support.

Our relationships with other outcomes measurement experts, software resellers and organisational consultants means we have a network of expertise at our fingertips, and we regularly tap into this network when we require additional resourcing, specific input or advice on a project.

We are practical, collaborative and inclusive of top-down and bottom-up approaches without impeding action and progress. We also support your internal capacity building by keeping our approach practical and sharing tips, resources and tools with you along the way.

Address ., Yarraville
Williamstown VIC 3016
Tel 0402 632 875