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Soul Vibe - Kinesiology

Vibrational Kinesiology - Dawson Program protocol

Ear Candling

Let your body heal itself, using the method of Applied Kinesiology to identify the root source of your discomfort or disease, and then make a correction using Vibrational Healing. Dawson Program protocols identify the three main energy systems where negative emotion, toxin or physical change causes dis-ease or dis-comfort.  The three energy systems are the auric fields, chakras and meridians. Also, we identify if a negative is stored in the structure, bones, organs and cells, then if there are any negative tags from others affecting your optimal health. These too can be put to peace and corrected, leaving your body to heal itself, without the baggage. 

One hour sessions.

Chakra Cleanse. Full Kinesiology sessions. Ear Candling.

Address 66 Kurrajong Avenue
Leeton NSW 2705
Tel 0427 552369