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Gerry North Counsellor London

Grad Diploma Counselling

BA (Edu)

Couples who are bickering constantly or feel as though they are walking on eggshells are in great need of couple counselling. Usually there are unhealed past events that need discussion and forgiveness to clear the air for the development of better communication methods. Learning new ways of communicating by listening, validating and resolving issues is not difficult to master. Awareness is the the turning point for change.

Anxiety (worrying about future dangers) and depression (unresolved past conflicts or hurts) can be treated with talking therapy. Expressing what hurts in Narrative Therapy allows us to see how we are thinking, then what we are feeling and then why we behave in certain ways. Changing or challenging the thinking can make all the difference to anxiety and depression symptoms.

Addictions are learned repeated behaviours by conditioning the brain. Neuroscience research shows brain pathways are created that allow behaviour to be repeated. The challenge in fighting addictions is to first understand the repeated rituals that lead to repeating addictive habits. Once that is known new brain pathways of alternative behaviour can be put in place. It takes 10 -12 weeks for the brain to create a new pathway.

Most sexual matters can be addressed with therapy. No longer holding secrets and gaining knowledge of new methods of behaviour produces great results for clients. There is no need to handle sexual issues on your own.

Address 37 Museum Street, 23 Berkeley Square Mayfair
Tel 07450 746534