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Dr. Mick Cornish started providing chiropractic care to the Orange community in 1998. Since then he has helped many thousands of locals to get out of pain and to get moving freely again. As the owner and principal chiropractor at the Orange Chiropractic Centre, itís his goal to give you the most enduring relief from your aches, pains and postural problems in the shortest possible time. By achieving this, the team at Orange Chiro will remain the most trusted provider of treatment for spinal dysfunction and other musculoskeletal conditions in our community.

Mick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and was awarded his Doctor of Chiropractic degree after 6 years of study in the USA. He will bring to you, a common sense approach to resolving your concerns swiftly, safely and effectively. His health philosophy is simple; take care of your spine as if its the only one you'll ever have.

The conditions he treats on a regular basis are headaches, migraines, neck pain, restricted or painful movement, bulging discs, shoulder pain, pins & needles or tingling in the arms and feet, back pain, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, poor posture, hip & sacroiliac pain and sciatica.

Address 38 Forbes Road
Orange NSW 2800
Tel 02 6362 1288